Benifts of myofascial release


If you do not have a foam roller please get yourself one immediately. There are many benefits of foam rollers which include injury prevention and developing and maintaining range of motion in the various joints. The most common muscle groups that athletes `roll`are the calves, hamstrings, gluts, and quads. The connective tissue around the muscle is known as fascia and this gets damage through exercise and use through sport and other activities. rolling on a foam roller or hard ball resets and repairs through fascia thus preventing injury and improving range of motion.


mind over matter

We hear a lot about sport being a psychological battle whether it being in the right frame of mind to beat your opponent or having the motivation to train. I received a good education about the psychological battle athletes face in the gym yesterday. I am currently working on improving my bench press and my 1RM is currently at 83kg. I would like it some day to over 100kg but it is a long and steady road to reach my goal. Yesterday we were working on keeping core stability while preforming exercises. One of the exercises was the bench press. I asked my spotter to have the load at 75Kg and I was going to preform 3 reps at 75 while maintaining a steady core.

The spotter lifted of the bar for me and I slowly let the bar lower and onto my chest and I began to push the bar back up. I found the bar difficult to push back up more than I am used to but I said to myself that it’s only 75 kg I can do this no problem`and `what wrong with me? it`s only 75kg`. I got the bar back up with encouragement from my spotter and some onlookers and felt disappointed that I could only manage 1 rep. I then learned that the load was in fact 90KG. I could not believe it. To add to the accomplishment I manage to keep the core stable with a little arch in the back just at the end of the movement.

I feel if people have a positive and no fear mind set they can achieve anything. I think if I went to preform that feat again I would not do it knowing I would be overreaching my 1RM

what is strength and conditioning?

Strength and conditioning to me is training the body to be as strong as it can be and to be to perform tasks as easily as possible. Many tasks  especially in sport takes years to achieve. (a world title in  a chosen sport). Having a good Strength and conditioning programme aids in this task and having a experienced and knowledgably coach will give you the edge on your competition.

First thought

Hey everyone.

I am a student of strength and conditioning in LIT Thurles and as part of my course I have to keep a blog. I will be giving my thoughts about Strength and Conditioning and it`s importance in sport.

Feel free to read my blogs and criticise anything I say or write but I think that’s the thing about Strength and conditioning, some might criticise yours methods or ideas while others may embrace and copy the stuff you feel are developing the athlete.

enjoy the reading